The Opportunity:

Do you crave more impact in your role? Are you looking to accelerate your learning by joining an early-stage company going after a massive market opportunity?

Visor is a fast-growing company simplifying how people work together. Our product looks like a spreadsheet, but it syncs both directions with other data sources. It’s designed for people of all skill levels. There are no other products on the market that make it this easy to work in a spreadsheet with data from CRMs, project management software, and more. Our vision is to become the default place where people work together with information from everywhere.

In the last year, we ran an incredibly successful public product preview. Our innovative product earned praise from hundreds of users, and received substantial backing from world class investors. Now, we are rapidly expanding our team to pursue the massive opportunity in front of us.

The company was founded at Harvard. We’re backed by the same investors as Airbnb, Shopify, Zapier, Hubspot, and Warby Parker. Users from Blackstone, Amazon, Doordash, and dozens more have given Visor hearty acclaim.

Your role on our team will include substantial equity. You will be asked to think and act like a founder, and you will be treated as an owner.

Our Culture:

We are passionate product builders who believe that today’s problems require a fresh perspective. We love our users and are deeply inspired by them. Our team culture values entrepreneurship, positivity, integrity, and continuous learning. We deeply care for one another and believe that the strength of the individual powers the strength of the group.

Our company mission is to improve the way the world works. That means we want to improve how our customers do their work, and we also want to have a positive impact on the broader community. We are committed to leaving the world a better place than we found it. We seek to build a team that wants to give back to our communities.

Visor is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to a diverse workforce. We will consider all qualified candidates regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, marital status, personal appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity, family responsibilities, disability, education, political affiliation or veteran status.

The Role:

You will run our marketing campaigns for our product-led growth strategy. That includes designing and building systems to acquire customers through a scalable self-service product experience. You will specifically focus on the top-of-funnel, from when users first discover visor to the time when they get started in the product.

Our marketing strategy currently includes three primary pillars: (1) partner marketplaces and software review sites, (2) advertising, primarily through search ads, and (3) content marketing. We also employ intelligent workflow automations using HubSpot, including email workflows. You will oversee and directly execute on all of these. You will also be asked to explore additional acquisition opportunities.

We have a software engineer dedicated to the technical aspects of growth and marketing. You will, however, be expected to be technical enough to build pages in Webflow, record high-quality product demonstration videos, make proper technical use of tracking URLs, understand & configure our marketing software (HubSpot), and manage ad campaigns. We currently use Google Ads, and you will be expected to be expertly-proficient with the platform.

Upon joining, you’ll immediately begin managing our ad campaigns to acquire users. That will involve planning for user journeys at various buyer stages. For each user journey that we identify, we’ll be developing ads, content, and resources to test & optimize these campaigns. You’ll also be responsible for managing our social media accounts, using them to build the Visor brand, connect with potential customers, and engage with existing Visor users.

You’ll also be responsible for launching our initial content strategy. Our long-term goal is to use ads as a quick way to assess demand and then build assets to drive organic acquisition. You will be responsible for authoring & publishing our written content. We also believe strongly in the power of video, and you will be responsible for recording & publishing videos relevant to these efforts.

After three months, the ad budget will ramp up substantially and you’ll be optimizing the campaigns. In six months, we’ll be expanding into new use cases. Shortly thereafter, we’ll begin hiring additional marketing team members to scale our efforts.

We already acquired thousands of users using our current marketing platform. We are looking forward to you helping us build on what we already learned. We have set aside aggressive budgets to invest in marketing.

You Will:

  • Plan and execute on strategies for user acquisition (in support of a product-led growth strategy)
  • Plan, execute, and report on paid acquisition strategies through SEM, display, social, and other paid digital channels
  • Conduct keyword research to identify acquisition opportunities
  • Draft copy and create media assets for ads and landing pages
  • Publish landing pages in support of our marketing efforts
  • Configure and monitor the ads and ad campaigns, including SEM, Display, Social, and other paid channels
  • Plan, execute, and report on organic acquisition strategies
  • Write pieces of content in support of our organic acquisition strategy
  • Record and publish videos in support of our users at various stages of the buyer journey
  • Draft and publish emails for our email marketing strategy
  • Draft and publish social media posts, including engaged follow-ups
  • Report on the metrics of your work

You Are:

  • Able to work across a broad scope of responsibilities, including responsibilities of a performance marketer, content marketer, and product marketer
  • Comfortable working with constrained resources of an early-stage company
  • Expertly proficiency with written and verbal skills
  • Technically savvy enough to use marketing tools to their full potential
  • Able to learn quickly about Visor’s customers and our competitive marketplace
  • Curious to learn more about Visor’s problem domain and become an expert in our competitive landscape
  • Open to incorporating feedback from all members of the team
  • Technical enough to understand how to make the most of our engineering resources to achieve your goals
  • Deeply familiar with SEM, display, social, and other paid digital marketing
  • Detail-oriented. To prove it, please include a sentence in your cover letter referencing this line and include this word: meticulous.

You Have:

  • At least 3 years of experience bringing self-service software products to market using a self-service onboarding strategy
  • Expert-level knowledge about planning, running, measuring, and optimizing paid acquisition efforts
  • Familiarity with with the tools and calculations required to perform common analytics

You’ll get these benefits:

  • Competitive salary
  • Generous equity
  • Health, Dental, and Vision insurance
  • Unlimited vacation days (with mandatory two weeks)
  • Generous budget for purchasing equipment to work from home
  • Semi-flexible work hours
  • Flexible to work-from-home (even after it’s safe to return to an office)
  • Be a charter member of the founding team of a venture-backed company